Volunteer Director of the Year

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Each year at our Annual Meeting in November, MVMA recognizes one of our outstanding members as Volunteer Director of the Year.  

MVMA’s mission is to promote the field of volunteer management and recognizing excellence in the field is one way the organization raises the profile of volunteer managers in the region. 

Award Eligibility

  • At least two years of experience as a volunteer manager
  • Volunteer management must constitute of at least 50% of the nominee's job duties
  • Current MVMA member
  • Nominated by a supervisor, colleague, or fellow MVMA member. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 
Selection Criteria 
  • Demonstrate volunteer program managerial excellence
  • Continued commitment to volunteer engagement and promoting volunteerism 
  • Innovations in the field
  • Significant contributions within the previous calendar year will carry more weight than those in the past.


In no more than two pages, please thoroughly address the following three questions:

1.    How does the nominee demonstrate managerial excellence? Consider volunteer position development, screening processes, orientation and training, recognition of service, etc.

2.    What impact has the nominee had at his or her agency? How has the nominee shown initiative and creativity to further your agency’s mission?

3.    How has the nominee promoted the profession of volunteer management through community volunteerism, involvement with professional organizations, publishing articles, etc.?

Please provide a copy of the nominee’s job description. You are also encouraged to submit articles, photos or other helpful information.

Nominations are currently closed. For questions about the MVMA Volunteer Director of the Year Award, please reach out to president@mvma-stl.org

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