• Chancellor's Certificate in Volunteer Management

Chancellor's Certificate in Volunteer Management 

In 2013 MVMA partnered with University of Missouri St. Louis to produce and manage a Chancellor's Certificate in Volunteer Management.  This certificate allows you to fine-tune and expand your volunteer management skills, and obtain proof of your professional expertise. 

Earn the Certification
In order to obtain the Chancellor’s Certificate, you must enroll in and complete 16 or more hours of training in classes that are produced as part of this collaboration. You do not have to take the 16 hours of training within a certain time-frame. Classes or training can be accumulated over an extended period of time.

Certification Classes
The training offered as part of this certificate program will help to sharpen and develop the skills of those involved in the important task of volunteer management for a nonprofit organization. Classes are taught by experts and leaders in the field of volunteer management, and class topics are designed for more mid-level to experienced professionals, to advance their understanding and enhance their professional capabilities. Certification classes are either half-day (9am-1pm) or full-day (9am-4pm) workshops. Three classes are offered each year a total of 16 hours of training. 

MVMA members receive a 25% discount on all classes. MVMA members generally save between $50-$75 a year! 

Upcoming Classes 
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, upcoming classes at UMSL have been postponed for the time being.  

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