Mission & Vision

MVMA is a professional organization that promotes and enhances the field of volunteer management for its members and metropolitan St. Louis.


MVMA strives to fulfill our mission in every possible way. Our program selections, speakers, topics, meeting locations and membership benefits are selected because they support the realization of our mission. We work hard to ensure that every action we take as MVMA members contributes to the enhancement of the volunteer management field in our area.


MVMA strives to…

  • be the premier professional organization for volunteer managers in the St. Louis region.
  • provide a combination of programming and education that is not available elsewhere by obtaining speakers and educators who are experts in their field and not attainable via conventional networking outlets.
  • enable members to take ownership of their jobs by providing them with empowering information and resources.
  • enable members to better lead their volunteers.
  • be the first professional organization that comes to mind for volunteer management.
  • recruit diverse membership.