Because of the insight of MVMA’s founders and the dedication of members, the volunteer management profession has become well established in our community. Throughout the organization’s history, MVMA continues to be a responsive resource for its members who value MVMA’s networking and educational opportunities. Members of the profession continue to be non-competitive and generous to each other – people who like to share what they know and support their peers – especially those new to the field. MVMA looks forward to continued growth for our organization and for the field of volunteer management.

The Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association began as the Directors of Hospital Volunteer Council with its first meeting held on May 10, 1962. Lil Brown served as the first president, and the original members included Dee Cenoweth of St. Louis State School and Hospital, Mrs. R. K. Irwin of St. Luke’s Hospital, Dorothy Kelly of Barnes Hospital, Mrs. Kistner of St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Marjorie McAtee and Bea Perez, both of St. Louis State Hospital, Gertrude Miketta of Deaconess Hospital, Billie Stokes of Missouri Baptist Hospital, Margaret Walker of Cochran Veteran’s Hospital, and Lucy Weeks of Children’s Hospital


MVMA holds its first workshop in collaboration with the University of Missouri-St. Louis. This is the first workshop in a series that will allow our members to earn a Chancellor’s Certificate in Volunteer Management.


MVMA held its first collaborative meeting with the Community Service Public Relationship Council (CSPRC) on the topic of working with corporate volunteers. MVMA logo_50year2

MVMA marked its 50th Anniversary. A new logo was unveiled for the year.



MVMA kicked off the new year with fee and meeting structure. Catered lunches at meetings were discontinued in favor of brown bag lunches. Reflecting this change, the cost of membership was reduced to $50 for individuals and a new option was added for organizations to enroll up to three members for $100. All members received an MVMA lunch bag to make bringing a lunch easier.


The CVD Board of Directors voted to change the name of the organization to the Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association (MVMA) to more accurately represent the scope of its membership.


The “Volunteer Director of the Year” award was established.