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The Metropolitan Volunteer Management Association (MVMA) has been serving its members and the greater St. Louis metro community since being founded in 1962. Founded as the Directors of Hospital Volunteers Council, MVMA endured multiple developments and changes to become the organization that it is today.  2013 Annual Lunch

MVMA members are professionals who are responsible for volunteer programs. They represent more than 125 nonprofit and for-profit entities throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. MVMA is a responsive resource for its members, valued for networking and educational opportunities. MVMA members are committed to sharing experiences, solutions and resources, and providing peer support, including outreach to those who are new to the field of volunteer management.

MVMA holds a general meeting once per month on a Friday. Pending holidays, meetings are typically on the last Friday of the month from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Members of the Board of Directors typically meet once per month prior to the general meeting from 9 – 11 a.m. The location of general meetings varies to ensure that meetings are as accessible as possible to members. Varying the location of our meetings also allows members to check out various event facilities. MVMA welcomes meeting location suggestions.

MVMA exists to support our members who, in turn, support volunteer programs. The organized, highly regarded volunteer programs at organizations across the St. Louis metropolitan area are a testament to the wonderful tools and advice MVMA provides its members. Membership benefits include professional development through monthly educational meetings, resource development through access to the membership directory, networking and professional support opportunities, leadership training opportunities, an annual conference, and communication tools via the monthly member newsletter and informative website.

When MVMA was founded in 1962, volunteer management was not an established profession and the function and meaning of volunteerism was not yet established. Fast forward to the present where we live in a community where volunteerism is a buzz word and the leaders of our country are calling on us to participate in the renewal and advancement of our communities. Thousands of agencies across the country – hundreds in our area alone – rely on the dedication and commitment of thousands of volunteers. Volunteer managers are the dedicated professionals that stand behind these volunteer, providing them with the training and support that they need. MVMA is the organization that stands behind the volunteer managers, providing them with the tools and insight they need to shape and lead the future of volunteer programs.

MVMA exists and thrives due to the dedication of our membership and Board of Directors. We believe that, ultimately, we are the experts in our field. Therefore, MVMA members eagerly pitch in to recruit wonderful speakers and teachers in an effort to share our resources and knowledge. Our programs are well researched and implemented, earning MVMA a reputation as the premiere organization for volunteer program managers.

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